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February 22, 2020 Prajwala GhateArt

4 Indian Artists Who Beautifully Capture the Essence of Abstract Art on Their Canvas

Abstract is one of the most famous and most well-liked art forms across the world. When it comes to abstract art, the expression of an artwork is much more important than the subject itself.

Abstract is one of the most famous and most well-liked art forms across the world. When it comes to abstract art, the expression of an artwork is much more important than the subject itself. Artists focus on the process of creation, the colour palette, the medium and the technique more than the final result. The beauty of abstract is in finding form among the formless, seeing a subject between the aleatory brush strokes and looking for meaning in what we see, rather than being shown what the artist imagines.

M Singh

With what looks like a million houses on a canvas, M Singh recreates the beauty and simplicity of Indian villages and the busyness of Indian cities. Washed in earthy tones, the houses in these paintings are close to each other and large in number, in a way, Singh is portraying the closeness amongst the residents of the houses by the actual juxtaposition of the homes. In India, villages are often considered one big happy family and in cities, neighbours are our extended families. Singh’s abstract cityscapes precisely define this relationship. His choice of colours and textures give his paintings movement and depth.

Smita Shirvastava

Extremely fascinated by colours, media and subjects, Smita entered the world of art. She started out with experimenting with different mediums, however, over a period of time, Smita has created her own unique artistic style, which stands out among other abstract paintings. She uses various mediums such as inks and oils, to paint her signature, cubist form of abstract paintings. Smita layers these mediums on one another add interesting texture and effect in her artwork that gives a unique layout to her final work. This intermingling of different media makes her paintings look like they are in fact seamless collages, made out of papers and cloth. Her palette is subdued shades of pastel colours which flows with the ease of music. Her paintings represent spaces where one can hold on and let go at the same time, depicting a sense of control.

Archana Tanna

Archana’s paintings are inspired by her state of mind and her colour palette portrays her dreams, memories and feelings on her canvas. This Dubai based artist uses her canvas to express what she feels in her mind and her heart. With her deep love and fascination for colours, Archana plays with them on the canvas and believes that they are the ultimate driving force for her final artwork. She uses myriad mediums in her art including the usual acrylics and oil along with the exceptional ink and metallic colours. With her background in textile design, she is inclined towards creating different layers in her work. Each of her paintings carries a distinct texture and vibe which might remind one of a flawlessly weaved saree or a ravishing piece of fabric, each having a unique character and fragrance.

Rashmi Pote

Rashmi Pote’s art though inspired by the freedom of fluidity, revolves around shapes and structure. While one represents security and organisation, the other shows unrestricted freedom and flow. Rashmi, with her mixed media and collage artwork, has formed a technique where she blends the two and creates exceptional masterpieces. With a background in English Literature, Psychology and Mass Media, Rashmi finds her muse in almost everything she is surrounded with. She is often inspired by a quote, beautiful writing and sometimes even by a single word. As a child, Rasmi loved solving jigsaw puzzles, which one can see reflecting in her collages. The mystery of her abstract art slowly unravels like a jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece, line by line.