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Eikowa has been established to improve the access in the Indian art ecosystem. We aim to create a platform for contemporary senior artists, who deserve a platform larger than the city or state that they operate in. On this platform, we want to ensure that art connoisseurs like you can focus your attention on artists that truly deserve it, by cutting through the noise of hobbyists. We accomplish this through a curated collection. We want to improve artists’ access to their audience far and wide, and we want to make your access to art that resonates with you simpler.

We appreciate good art and we appreciate the challenges art connoisseurs face. We understand that choosing art is an art in itself, be it for your living space, your boardroom or as part of your collection. We aim to make that choice easier for you through art advisory and consulting. Through our sincere service and customized approach, we aim to take away all the hassles of art buying away from you allowing you to focus on the appreciation of art.

An artist is satisfied when he makes an honest attempt. That is precisely what we aim to do.


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