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What is worth buying, is worth maintaining.

Let the value of your investment soars unchecked by time, weather and dust.

Dust, Residue Removal

Dust can damage artwork with time. A clean-up at home is useful, but can sometimes mar the surface of your precious paintings. We use archival-grade materials – materials used in museums to clean art gently, without a scratch on the canvas.

Microscopic Cleaning

On a more microscopic level, the acrylic paint film is relatively porous, caused by tiny voids left as the water evaporates during the drying process and protrusion of solids near the surface of the film as it shrinks during drying. The subtle texture that results provides a surface that is both easier to soil and more difficult to clean, similar to the difference that might be noticed in gloss vs. satin interior house paints. This characteristic is accentuated with certain specialty products. A careful evaluation of the surface is performed to determine if the piece can withstand whatever plan of treatment is designed.

Application of Solvents

Applying solvents or cleaning agents or any liquid containing alcohol to the surface of your painting may ruin the surface or fade colours. We use soft archival grade brushes to clean the paining, to avoid flacking of the painting

Germicidal UV Treatment

Art Maintenance with Eikowa offers regular checks for pest infestations in art to nip trouble in the nest. We use special UV lights of a specific band to treat pest infestation so the canvasses remains unharmed.

Dry Cleaning

With change in temperature, acrylic tends to become softer, more flexible and may become tacky. As this happens, debris in the form of fungus can become adhered to the surface and will subsequently require relatively suitable methods for removal. The painting, stretched on a canvas needs to be checked and cleansed with alcohol solution to remove clogged mold. However, dry mold can be brushed away with a soft bristled brush. It takes a great precision and care to not get the canvas wet and ensure no marks are left behind once the mold has been removed.


We know you love to display your collection. Now you can hold its record in your hands. To help serious collectors, like you, present your collection in one easy go, we create a detailed manual featuring all artworks.

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