Amar Sultan

Amar Sultan

Amar Sultan was born in 1977, in Mussoorie. Art has been a part of his life, since his childhood, where her self-trained under the guidance of his father.

Amar found his subject in the flight of pigeons. Often considered as the symbol of love, peace and hope, pigeons are also cohabitants of our cities and thus companions of our lives. Their constant cooing sounds and fluttering wings surround our lives, similar to how the sound of our honking cars, ever running factories and machines surround theirs. Amar’s paintings highlight the parallels between the lives and virtues of human beings and pigeons. He depicts the interaction between these birds and people on his canvas.

He uses a calming combination of blues and reds for his human subjects, accompanied by white, yellow and gold for his birds. His colour pallet represents peace, harmony and cohesive existence of the birds and human beings together. The various shades of reds and pinks signify the presence of love in the society, and blue reflects harmony. One can also observe that the human subjects of Amar’s paintings are often seen holding a flute. In many ways, the artist compares the cooing sounds of pigeons with the dulcet tunes of a flute, both melodious, both tranquil. His golden brides symbolize the idea “old is gold” and the white birds, as always show peace. In olden days, people used pigeons to communicate with each other, Amar uses them to convey and promote a peaceful coexistence of people and birds. Much like the mellow cooing of pigeon and enchanting sound of flute, Amar’s paintings are soft and serene.

The artist uses soft and short brush strokes to fill his subjects with details. This gives his paintings a very interesting texture, something similar to a mosaic art, or stone sculptures. Over the years, Amar has participated in numerous solo and group shows across the globe.

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    Amar Sultan
    Size: 72" x 36"

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