Amit Bhar

Amit Bhar

Born and brought up in Hoogly, Chinsurah, in 1973, Amit Bhar’s art is par excellence, his canvas narrates stories within stories. Growing up near Hoogly River, Amit thoroughly enjoyed the pristine beauty of nature and his surroundings.

Amit Bhar’s captivating paintings look more like they are shot on camera and less like they are painted on canvas. Inspired by realism, Amit’s paintings capture the serene beauty of the Ganga Ghats in the holy city of Banaras, recreate the charm of a youthful woman, and paint the 3-dimensional sculptures of Ganesha and Buddha on his canvas.

Amit recreates the grandeur of Ganga Ghat at different times of the day and at various angles. For instance, the artist loves painting Ganga Ghat at the crack of dawn, a cloudy sky and sunset. Similar to Banaras Ghat, sadhu or the saints and boats are an important part of Amit’s paintings. Deeply meditating, praying, or performing rituals, these saints enhance the beauty of the paintings on the scenic setting of Banaras Ghats. Amit’s paintings comprise of deep cool tones of various earth colors.

Apart from Ganga Ghat, Amit is also fascinated by historic buildings and forts. His paintings are a scenic recreation of iconic places in Banaras. Along with cityscapes, the artist is also known for painting stunning portraits of women, draped in the purity of a white saree. These women are often accompanied with birds and flowers to portray their soft nature and free spirits.

Trained under the guidance of teachers such as Niloy Ghosh who encouraged him to explore his love for art, Shri Paresh Das, and Subal Jana, Amit has numerous awards to his name. Over the years, he has participated in 117 group shows, showcasing his art in major cities in India. He has also exhibited his paintings in major international places such as Dubai, USA, London, Doha, Canada, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Bangkok, etc. His paintings were also published in International contemporary master volume 9 in 2014, which is published by Worldwide Art Los Angles, USA.

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