Dinkar Jadhav

Dinkar Jadhav

Dinkar Jadhav Paintings - Artist Profile

Dinkar Jadhav was born in 1973, in Jadhavadi, Pune. He studied at Kala Vishwa Mahavidyalaya at Sangli and Abhinav Kala Vidyalaya in Pune. As an art student, Dinkar was inspired by J.M.W Turner and started experimenting with Impasto — a thickly textured paint that imparts a quality of ‘movement’ to the painting.

Even though early the 20th century introduced the world to Cubism, many artists across the world still take inspiration from this marvellous avant-garde art movement. Fascinated by this one-of-a-kind art form, Dinkar started painting his favourite subjects; horses and bulls in their Cubist form. The play of light in nature caught the artist’s eye and he started the colour blocking method to divide his background into two contrasting colours or two different tones of same colours and then painted his subjects on them. He uses geometric shapes to paint his horses who are always galloping and racing and bulls, who are constantly showing off their rigour. Even though Dinkar has worked in numerous mediums, he prefers working in acrylics.

The artist has showcased his works in one 100 exhibitions and group shows in India and abroad. USA, Canada, Singapore, Germany are some of the countries where the artist has successfully conducted his shows and has been appreciated for his artwork. His artwork is well liked by individuals and companies alike, across the world. Dinkar also actively participates in charity auctions.

A hard worker since the very beginning, Dinkar has been awarded numerous awards and accolades, including that of Prafulla Art Foundation Kalanand Contest in 2016, Art Society of India in 2009, V.V. Oak Award, Pune in 2009, Bombay Art Society in 2009, State Award for Portrait Painting in 1995, Best Landscape Annual Awards (1991-1994) and Annual Award for Sketching (1990-1991).

  1. Waltzing-Our-Way-To-Happiness-11-Dinkar-Jadhav
    Love has no limits
    Dinkar Jadhav
    Size: 72" x 42"
  2. Dinkar-Jadhav-Waltzing-our
    Friends Forever
    Dinkar Jadhav
    Size: 72" x 42"Sold

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