Inner Divinity Series

By Douglas John
Douglas John

Size: 48" x 36"
Medium: Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas
Product Id: EK-19-0077-AC-0003



Inner Divinity

The metaphor ‘divine’ is apt- for it allows the exploration of many ideas embedded in the practice of the artist. In a basic understanding, divine means ‘of god’ or ‘god like’; in some instances ‘pleasing’ or ‘supernatural’ of an experience and differs with individuals. Trace further, as discovery, perception, grasping and happening becomes implicit to divine. We are preoccupied with time element as marking factor, throughout the day in our routine rituals. Light is an exclusive chapter in our everyday life that gets embedded consciously or subconsciously from Douglas John’s art practice for years.

For Douglas John the experience of space, form and light in the urban metropolis like Mumbai has remained possible thread of departure while studying at Sir Jamshetjee Jeejeebhoy School of Art, Mumbai and in later years of his art-making process. His recent works “Inner Divinity” are acrylic on canvas with large and smaller works. Douglas- reorganises the word ‘light’ to explore the lived landscape to aesthetics of monuments and buildings from the city, Mumbai. The Gothic style buildings- dome structures that collide in the buzzing Kalaghoda, fleeting imagery of slums and enormous temples, shrines popped on streets or hillock in past decades overlaps in wavering patterns. The unsettling phenomenon of light explores and questions to the drift in migration for us to ponder upon.

Douglas on moving to Mumbai in late 80s from the town Solapur enlivens this city much like yesteryears of bringing expressions. The city with multitudes of people layered in his recent works carries human presence in time and urban geography- irremovable, growing component making us to re-think pragmatics of relocation if not an exclusive phenomenon today. The artist delve on canvas with brimming meaning manifesting components of human figures and space very sensitively with diverse use of pigments. Deep enchanting spirituality inhabit the pace and tonalities of white with materialism surfacing in gold leaf.

The works in this selection invites us to live between transition and destiny. Inner Divinity gestures to the active dialogues and stillness that at once dwells within us.

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