HR Das

HR Das

Born in 1972 in Burdwan district of West Bengal, HR Das grew up in an artistic family. Since childhood he was surrounded by various forms of art, his father played musical instruments and his uncle loved to paint and dance. Even though his family wanted him to pursue a career in science, HR Das was inclined towards fine arts. He received his Bachelors in Fine Arts from Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh.

Das spent his time at Khairagarh University, painting countryside and animals. He enjoyed the quaint town and its slow paced life. After graduating, he moved to Mumbai where he was overwhelmed by the crowds and the speed of life. He felt trapped in a cage, similar to zoo animals. This inspired him to capture the wayward village animals; cows, calves, and bulls, on his canvas. Rather than focusing on the wild and exotic animals such as lions, or peacocks, Das found his subjects in the innocent farm animals. He recreates the symbiotic relationship between human beings, animals, nature, and factories on his canvas, a well maintained relationship that is unfortunately quickly fading.

The bulls in these paintings are symbolic of two things, one Shiva’s carrier Nani and second the rigorous engine of power, the hardworking, backbone of Indian agriculture; the common bull. He chooses monochromatic colors for his paintings. A layer of solid color usually, red, orange, or green creates a beautiful background for his subjects. He then paints his subjects in black and white, with just hints of red and yellow. Much like the common bulls, Das’s bulls are not highly decorated, they look calm, but their nostrils are usually flared.

HR Das has participated in numerous group and solo shows in India and internationally. His works are collected by numerous art curators.

  1. HR-Das-Untitled-6
    HR Untitled 6
    HR Das
    Size: 60" x 36"
  2. HR-Das-Untitled-4
    HR Untitled 4
    HR Das
    Size: 48" x 36"
  3. HR-Das-Untitled-4
    HR Untitled 3
    HR Das
    Size: 30" x 30"
  4. HR-Das-Untitled-3
    HR Untitled 5
    HR Das
    Size: 36" x 48"Sold
  5. HR-Das-Untitled-2
    HR Untitled 2
    HR Das
    Size: 36" x 48"
  6. HR-Das-HR-Untitled-3
    HR Untitled -1
    HR Das
    Size: 36" x 36"Sold

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