M Singh

M Singh

M. Singh’s beautiful brushwork will surely transform you into a different world. His abstract art has a unique twist to a typical cityscape.

M. Singh is a gifted artist who is a commerce graduate with keen eyes for colours and enthusiasm towards art. Without any formal training in art, he decided to follow his artistic dream with great rigour and focus. Based in Thane, Singh fondly paints abstract forms of cityscapes on his canvas.

Indian villages, washed with deep rustic tones is a recurring theme in his paintings. Singh paints numerous homes, sharing walls and almost overlapping with each other, thus illustrating the close relationship shared by the villagers, living like one big happy family. His changing textures and varying colours give depth and dimension to his paintings. Instead of painting a clear image, the artist creates colour blocks of myriad geometric shapes, only hinting towards the possibility of a village scape, nudging the onlooker to complete the picture with their imagination. Singh’s paintings take people back to their hometowns and villages, back when the life was simpler and time was slower. With these paintings, the artist leaves a lasting impact on his audience.

Other than city or village scapes, M. Singh also paints the very many forms of Ganesha. His vibrant recreations of Bal Ganesha are as innocent and loving as the divinity Himself. He paints an abstract yet simple backdrop for his Ganesha. The blunt brushwork, that Singh uses to paint these Ganesha images resemble the childlike innocence of Bal Ganesh. Often, Ganesha is accompanied by a musical instrument such as Pakhawaj, Veena, or Sitar in these paintings. Ganesha’s closed eyes resonate His alert mind and sharp focus. M Singh’s paintings maintain a balance between Ganesha’s wisdom and generosity.

M. Singh has participated in numerous exhibitions including those at the reputable Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, in 2015 and at Chitra Kala Parishath, Bangalore (Ananth Arts) in 2012.

  1. Blue-City-of-Jodhpur-Acrylic-on-Canvas-M-Singh
    Blue City of Jodhpur
    M Singh
    Size: 24" x 24"Sold
  2. Village-of-My-Dreams-3-M-Singh
    Village of My Dreams -3
    M Singh
    Size: 12" x 12"Sold

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