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Narendra Babu

Narendra Babu - Artist Profile

K.G.Narendrababu is a Chennai based artist, who completed his diploma and post-graduate studies from the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai. He is a recipient of many prestigious awards such as the 8th National Academy Award, Mumbai (2005); the I.F.S. Award, Chennai (1995), and the Tamil Nadu Nunkali Kuzu Award, Chennai (1988) among many others.

The journey of Narendrababu as an artist shows his deep involvement with art in its most traditional forms. He began painting in black and white at the start of his career, progressing to such bright hues- that it is difficult to imagine that his paintings could have been so stark. His inspiration is the villagers, saari weavers, village women as ‘Shakti,’ who work tirelessly to create and earn a living. Each one of Narendrababu’s acrylics on canvas weaves a story around these men and women – which look like a representation of his dreams. Each little element on his canvas becomes a story in itself. The viewer can spend hours looking at one before he may move on to the next.

K.G. Narendrababu was born in 1963, and his age, experience, and talent have brought him success. An integral part of the Chennai and Indian art scene, his work cannot be missed.

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