Ramesh Gorjala

Ramesh Gorjala

Ramesh Gojrala was born in 1979, in Shikalahasti, also known as the birthplace of the Kalamkari art form. Owing to his immense admiration for Indian mythology, Gorjala found his muse in Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Using his own distinct interpretation of the mythology, the artist splendidly recreates the magnificent Hindu deities on his canvas. Gorjala’s birthplace played a huge role in his artistic style, born and raised in Srikalahasti, the hometown of Kalamkari. The artist grew up observing and absorbing this traditional art form and later, was naturally attracted towards using the intricate style in his painting. Thus, the conventional Kalamkari style met Gorjala’s imagination and interpretation of epic stories and started taking forms on his canvas.

His color palette balances the bright and warm tones of orange, golden yellow, subtle greens, and blues along with vivid shades of red. The detailed work in each figure and the beautiful colors breath life into his gorgeous paintings.

Kalamkari is an ancient Indian art form —painted on paper, cotton fabric, or walls— which could either be block-printed or hand painted and traditionally uses natural dyes as colors. Kalamkari originated in the states of Andra Pradesh and Telangana, and has two schools; Srikalahasti that involves using Kalam or pen to draw freehand on fabric, and Machilipatanm, which uses the block printing technique. Out of the two, owing to its freestyle hand drawn technique, Srikalahasti results in more evolved and unique paintings.

Following Srikalahasti form of Kalamkari, Ramesh beautifully crafts a story in his paintings, he believes that the main charm of Hindu mythology lies in its storytelling. An artist should engage the onlookers by creating mystifying paintings, keeping them engrossed in the stunning artwork.

At first, Ramesh sketches his subject on a plain canvas. Filling it with colors and detailed motifs, he then gradually gives the painting a beautiful structure and a story, finally filling it with earthy and vibrant hues of various colors. Ramesh’s art is not just a painting, it’s a complete story, an entire production.

Ramesh Gorjala received his BFA and MFA from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad. This is where the artist learned to part from vegetable dyes to color his canvas and started portraying his art using acrylics on canvas and handwoven paper.

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    Ramesh Gorjala
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