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Roy John

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Roy John earned his graduation from Kalabhavan School of Arts, Thrissur and further completed a course on traditional Mural Painting at the Temple of Arts Guruvayoor. He combines the traditional rural techniques with contemporary art and portrays his connotations of Indian deities and traditional Indian iconography. His colour palette is full of cool tones of greens, yellows, and reds that create gorgeous South Indian landscapes on the canvas. With over 15 years of painting experience, he has quite a few group and solo exhibitions to his credit in major cities in India.
  1. Lotus-Pond-2-Roy-John
    Lotus Pond 2
    Roy John
    Size: 60" x 36"
  2. Lotus-pond-1-Roy-john.jpeg
    Lotus Pond 1
    Roy John
    Size: 36" x 48"
  3. Plumeria-Blossoms-Roy-John-Painting
    Thetti Poo
    Roy John
    Size: 12" x 18"
  4. Summers-in-Kerala-2-Roy-John.jpeg
    Summers in Kerala 2
    Roy John
    Size: 48" x 36"Sold
  5. Summers-in-Kerala-Roy-John
    Summers in Kerala 1
    Roy John
    Size: 30" x 30"Sold
  6. White-Blossom-Roy-John
    White Blossom
    Roy John
    Size: 38" x 60"

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