Sanjay Raut

Sanjay Raut

Born in 1976, in a Maharashtrian family, Sanjay Raut developed an inclination towards stories in early childhood. Stories he heard from his mother about the disciplined learning of the gurukul – system of learning primarily for the Brahmin youth – mentored by a guru, the many nuances therein.

By his own admission, Raut stands fascinated by this culture and continues to be drawn into intricacies. Each of his canvas is a portrayal of a unique moment. A sense of calm pervades in his paintings; they become a place where time stands still and life goes on unhurried, away from the humdrum of the big cities.

The backgrounds delight with their religious wall paintings, fading from exposure to elements, a kind of traditional religious graffiti that is available to see around both rural and urban India even today. Sanjay draws his visual inspirations from the skeins of his imagination, making the bygone era alive with a vibrant immediacy. It’s an idyllic mix of both urbaneness of a temple town with the peaceful serenity of the rural.

In many ways his works are an eye opener to the outside world of what one seeks on this soil. The artist is a celebrated figure, well renowned for his unique yet captivating style of artwork.

  1. The Light Bearer
    The Light Bearer
    Sanjay Raut
    Size: 42" x 42"
  2. Sanjay-Raut-Gurukul-1
    Gurukul 1
    Sanjay Raut
    Size: 36" x 48"

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