Vivek Kumavat

Vivek Kumavat

Vivek Kumavat received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the prestigious Sir J.J.School of Arts in 2001 and A.T.D from Khiroda, Jalgaon in 1996.

Vivek Kumavat focuses on a blend of color and monochrome that speaks volumes to his audience. His subject is always the innocent yet vigorous Nandi bull calf, but his presentation is absolutely unique and stunning. Vivek’s color palette is full of bright tones of red, blue, yellow, or green. He paints his background a stunning vibrant tone of the primary colors with a tapestry-like look to it. He then paints the silhouette of dancing Nandi. The artist then painstakingly fills the subject with numerous mythological events. Vivek’s paintings are an absolutely gorgeous fusion of simplicity and complexity, colors and monochrome, story and storytelling.

The intricate details in these paintings make them utterly engaging and compel the observers to keep looking at the paintings. His subject is joyous and is sure to bring a smile on the onlooker's face. Vivek’s attention to detail, intricate artwork and vibrant color palette distinguish his paintings from other mythological artists in the country.

Recently, the artist has started experimenting more with black and white paintings. Instead of creating the huge Nandi bull, Vivek focuses only on the bull’s face and upper back and then fills them in with his signature sketches of Hindu mythological Gods. He focuses on gradually unfolding beautiful stories in his paintings, revealing the very many incidents from Indian mythology.

Vivek Kumavat’s paintings have been displayed at over 20 solo and group shows. J.J. Applied Art Gallery, Mumbai, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, and Triveni Kala Sangam Art Gallery, New Delhi are some of the few galleries where the artist has held solo shows. Internationally, the artist has showcased his works at Colours Screen Art Show, Dubai, and Group Show, Singapore.

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    Festive Nandi
    Vivek Kumavat
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