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6 Best Landscape Artists Who Would Bring Tranquillity in Your Home

There is no adrenalin rush better than spending time with mother nature. Camping, walking or jogging in the woods and fishing are probably the best ways to cleanse the body and mind at the same time. 

There is no adrenalin rush better than spending time with mother nature. Camping, walking or jogging in the woods and fishing are probably the best ways to cleanse the body and mind at the same time. The damp soil, rustling sound of the trees, chirping of the birds along with the fresh air, soothes the mind. Among the various forms and subjects of paintings, perhaps landscapes is one of the most favourites. Many art lovers buy landscape paintings to bring the beautiful nature in their homes.  Let’s take a look at Eikowa’s best Landscape Artists


Phan Thu Trang:


Bright, vibrant and colourful, this is exactly what comes to mind the moment one sees Phan Thu Trang’s paintings. The quaint countryside of Hanoi, portraying the calm and tranquillity of the town, create a beautiful setting for these paintings. Coloured in contrast tones of the painting, the door and windows grab the attention of the onlookers and add a highlight to these beautiful paintings. Oversized trees, with big, blunt brushstrokes portraying the leaves is Phan’s signature style. Unlike other artists, who paint a complete scene, Phan focuses on the trees and ensures that everything else complements and enhances the beauty of these lush swaying trees. With a limited range of colours, she uses texture and thick strokes of paint to define her subjects, she breaks down the complexities of nature into their base essentials. Locals riding their bicycles or sailing in boats is yet another common sight in Phan’s paintings. Her changing colour palette subtly hints towards the seasons and moods of her paintings. The fallen leaves and dark shadows on the ground, white blossoms and reflections in the lakes are tiny but brilliant details to Phan’s ode to Vietnam.


Satish Mane:


Set in the backgrounds of sky-kissing mountains and calm lakes, Satish Mane’s tranquil landscapes are truly out of the world. He paints the mountains in different layers with colours changing with the light and distance. Rather than focusing only on trees, Satish makes them cohesive with his paintings. Varying colours and patterns that create gorgeous layers on the canvas, is the artist’s signature style. He paints tall, vertical trees, with bushed leaves on the top, in bright and contrasting colours, to break the monotony of the horizontal layers. The bushes, growing parallel to the mountains, give a distinct texture to these artworks. Satish’s paintings give the joy one would find on seeing a pond on a strenuous mountain hike.


Bahadur Singh:


On a bright and vibrant background, with bold and blunt brushwork, Bahadur Singh creates the picturesque world reflecting mother nature. He focuses on recreating the beauty of deep and dense forests in his paintings. His paintings would remind one of taking a walk down a colourful jungle, and it seems like a breath of fresh air. With the varying tones of yellow, red, orange, green and purple, Bahadur captures the different times of the day and seasons of the year. His strokes add an interesting texture to the painting,  Bahadur Singh plays with his brush to create magnificent silhouettes of nature. He draws inspiration from the outside world, along with the world within. Though his paintings seem simple, they are definitely engaging.


Roy John:


Roy’s colour palette is full of cool tones of greens, yellows, reds and oranges that blend and play with the brush to create the stunning sceneries of Southern India. The blossoming flowers, blooming fruits, colour changing leaves depict the different seasons of Roy’s paintings. The artist focuses on the different plants that grow in Southern India that on the entire scenery. He adds details to the paintings such as the old torn leaves of a banana plant, the reflection of light that also changes the colours on lotus flowers, the red-orange leaves in Autumn, and the delicate peppers growing on vines. The different tones of the leaves and the intricately painted veins give them a realistic look. Looking at Roy’s paintings will take you on a walk down the road of scenic Southern India.


Sanjay Devsale:


Deeply inspired by Pointillism Sanjay Devsale’s landscape paintings are a cluster of brightly coloured trees. Extremely dependent on the imagination and the eye and mind of the viewer, Pointillism is an art form, created by painting thousands of colourful dots on the canvas. When the dots are black or grey, the same technique is called stippling. Sanjay engages both; pointillism and stippling in his paintings. He chooses from an array of vibrant colours such as orange, green, purple, blue, pink, red, etc. to paint his tree leaves and then paints the tree trunks and branches in black or grey colour using stippling technique. The bright and colourful dots in the paintings, give them a unique texture and echos how the trees in real life look, from a distance. Sanjay’s huge, swaying trees, give the illusion of one actually looking at a tree and would almost expect to hear to the sound of rustling leaves.


Umakant Kanade:


Renowned as an artist with magical ink, Umakant Kanade captures the beauty of nature on his canvas, in the dramatic black and white. What at first might look like a pencil sketch first, is, in fact, a mixed media art, drawn using a pen and acrylic colours. Umakant recreates an entire scenery of a jungle or a pond, with chirping birds and blossoming lotus with a fine tip pen. His strokes illustrate the density of the forest, intensity of the waves and beauty of the leaves. The artist adds numerous textures to this artwork by simply changing the style, length or closeness of his pen. He painstakingly sketches each and every vein on the leaves, creates ripples in the water and tree barks, to give his art a realistic look. Finally, he adds a little hint of pink, green, blue and yellow to the blooming lotus and the singing birds. These subtle highlights elevate the beauty of these monochromatic landscapes.