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Eikowa's Picks of 2019

Here’s a a list of contemporary artists to take note of in 2019!

Eikowa brings Top Picks of 2019

Vivek Kumavat

Vivek is well known for his artistic designs, motifs and intricate details in his paintings. The artist does a proficient use of all the three skills in his paintings. The alluring background which either consists of various forms of Indian Gods and Goddesses or a monochromatic tapestry-like backdrop before which the subject; the majestic bull poses. The vibrant subject on an otherwise subtle backdrop maintains a beautiful balance in the painting. The intricate and fine details that adorn the bull’s jewellery and other decoration define Vivek’s skilful brushwork. Together, everything combines to create mesmerising and celestial energy in the painting. He focuses on his artistic intricacies, not only to the characters imprinted on Nandi but also pays attention to the subject’s expressions and the details in His jewellery.

Vinita Karim

Vinita’s gilt-leafed canvases are set around lands lived and imagined, in histories and geographies of her choosing, places rich with meaning and life despite the physical absence of human figures. Hers are narratives built around life-lines of waters, in cities with significant sea histories. Established layer by layer, with lines that are repositories of those memories, she combines the blazing sun in Egypt with the waterways in the Philippines, the banks of Tripoli with the lakes of Switzerland. Even though Vinita’s imaginative cities translate on canvas without any specific portrayal of humans, they still instil a sense of warmth, derived from an abundance of life, in the observer.

G Subramanian

Mostly, artists either paint on the canvas or create art out of paper, but sometimes, some artists beautifully blend the paints with papers to create mesmerising art on canvas. These artists are known for their collages and their mixed media art. Subramanian beautifully fusions national and international art forms. He blends mythology with a foreign art form of collage and creates stunning pieces such as a flute-playing Krishna, a divine Ganesha and the calm Bhramha. Using a mixed media presentation of acrylics and flamboyant magazine cuttings, Subramanian creates the enthralling art of collage. The reason why he chose this interesting mixture of Indian and international art form is that being an artist of international fame, he wanted to express his traditional Indian roots in an internationally acclaimed art form.

Rohit Chawla

Rohit is a stellar Indian photographer, who is renowned for his gorgeous portraits. His photographs are stunning recreations of historic events, elements and personalities. The elegant costumes and complementing accessories give a vintage vibe to these photographs, that seem to have freshly stepped out of the yesteryears. Rohitcaptures candid moments of his subjects and presents them with an absolutely new perspective. His portraits are a unique take on the grandeur of accessories and accoutrements the subjects are adorned with, that raise above and beyond the actual subjects.