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Blue Morning

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Blue Morning (By Nilesh Bharti)

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Size: 36" x 26"
Medium: Soft pastel on paper
Product Id: EK-15-0049-PC-0001

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"Whenever we think of early mornings, a hazy image of the sunrise, lighting up the dark blue sky with shades of yellow, orange and sometimes pink draws up in front of our eyes. Thinking of a blue morning is quite odd and somehow, most of us relate blue with dull and gloomy feelings. But there are times when the same blue tones blend together to create a picture that is divine, serene and tranquil. Nilesh Bharti’s Blue Morning is a picturesque painting of things that are naturally blue such as the river, and the sky and others that are not blue like the temple, houses, trees and boats but form darker blue silhouettes before the natural ones. While it is difficult to imagine a monochromatic blue painting describing the early morning, Bharti using myriad but subtle hues of blue accompanied by his soft strokes has done a laudable job. The lighter and darker shades of the colour help to differentiate the distance of each layer in the scenery from the other. Such a beautiful painting gives nothing less than the sheer feeling of calm and peace just like the early mornings."

Nilesh Bharti is a graduate of Sir J.J. School of Art and has completed G.D. Art Diploma, Drawing & Painting with a first class. He also has a Diploma in Arts Education being a qualified Arts teacher having completed his Art Teacher Diploma, B.A.

Nilesh’s prowess lies in rendering beautiful landscapes in watercolor and dry pastels. His paintings have the enigmatic portrayal of cities such as Benaras or Bombay showcasing the Ghats or early architecture. His play with the colour blue, is perhaps his signature style, as he brings out misty mornings to perfection on his canvas. Nilesh has been able to capture serenity in his paintings, making the viewer go back again and again to his work.

He is a master artist, whose work is gaining steadfast popularity among lovers of Art. He has participated in numerous solo, group and art camps around the country. Nilesh has won several awards such as Malegaon Art Foundation Award (1st Position 2016), Nasik Kalaniketan Annual Art Exhibition Award (2004,2006, 2011), and Best Landscape Awards (2010) by The Bombay Art Society among many others.

Take serenity home with you when you take Nilesh Bharti’s landscapes home.



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