Golden Horse in Mall

By Suraj Kumar Kashi
Suraj Kumar Kashi

Size: 36" x 48"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Product Id: EK-17-0106-OL-0011



Suraj Kumar Kashi was born in 1976 in Jamui, Bihar. He loved to paint since he was a child and pursued B.F.A from Art College Patna and then went on to complete a Master’s degree from College of Art, Delhi University. Suraj was a gold medalist and opportunities came knocking. He started working for Ogilvy and Mather as an Art Director. Soon he realized that his passion lay in art and after two years of working, he began his full-time freelancing career as an artist.

His experiences of rural, semi-urban, and city life had an indelible impact on him. He focused his efforts on developing a signature style which is drawn from his various experiences of living in the village, towns, and cities. Suraj Kumar Kashi paintings are surreal, and each time he brings about a new theme which is a story full of interesting characters which morph into something entirely different. The viewer’s mind and eyes are always moving and capture the show that is his canvas!

Suraj works with different mediums and textures, but his current canvasses have been painted in acrylic and oil on canvas. He continually pushes the boundary of his imaginations and creates impressive, surreal artwork. Suraj has been a part of many solo and group shows. His work is one of the most coveted which ranks him among many senior artists in India. He is currently based out of Delhi.

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