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On The Go

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On The Go (By Mukesh Bijole)

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Size: 48" x 36""
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Product Id: EK-15-0013-AC-0001


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Mukesh Bijole is a senior artist from Madhya Pradesh, India. He has a degree of Bachelors’ of Arts in I.G.D.

The central theme of his paintings is folk in essence and describes the lifestyle of the tribes in India. His work is often compared to cave art due to his minimalistic approach and usage of straight lines. His paintings are a celebration of folk art and imbibe magnificently the underlying culture and heritage. He depicts the hardworking laborious life of the tribes and the integrity within their communities. He commemorates their zeal, energy, simplicity and secluded way of life; beautifully transcending their spirit into his paintings.

His palette contains bright hues such as blues, greens and reds. He is known to always have a single bright background color to which he complements the rest of his painting. His representation of figure forms is primitive and uses short bold strokes.

His work has donned the walls of eminent galleries worldwide. He is a recipient of a number of prestigious awards for his work, since 1987. He has also presented his work in a number of shows both individually and in groups. He currently works from his studio in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.



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