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Bull 2

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Bull 2 (By Amol Pawar)

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Availability: In stock

Size: 24" x 24"
Medium: Acrylic on Linen Canvas
Product Id: EK-15-0037-MM-0007


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We have power only over our minds and bodies, not on the outside world. We find our strength as soon as we understand this. There is no better example of those who have conquered over their weakness and have taken control of their minds and bodies than saints. In ‘Young Sadhu I’ Amol Pawar has illustrated the combined power of human mind and the Sun. The sharp yet modest hues of red blended with darker tones of brown and black breath life into the subject. The clever use of white, highlight the simple yet prominent details such as the tilak on the sadhu’s forehead and the pearl in his earring. Using mixed media on canvas, the artist has given an interesting texture to his painting in the background.

Amol Pawar, a renowned artist from Maharashtra, has a degree in GD Art from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune.

His work includes both abstracts as well as real life illustrations. He is known for his play with textures, colours and forms. The central theme in his human figuratives talks of strength and vigour. It symbolizes the capabilities of the mind, blooming aspirations and the thirst for growth. His animal paintings are symbolic of power, gusto and the desire to strive.

The prominent colors in his palette are browns, reds, ochres and blacks which give an earthy feel to his paintings. He uses these colors to depict a connection to Mother Earth. He believes it imbibes certain purity and rawness to his paintings. He uses mixed media to produce this effect in his work. His use of dark and light colors creates an effect of shadows and gives dimension to the work. His signature style involves the use of textures or patterns within his work.

He has been a part of numerous solo as well as group shows in cities like Pune, New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. His work has donned the wall of eminent galleries nationwide. He currently resides in Pune and has his studio there.



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