By Biplab Biswas
Biplab Biswas

Size: 60" x 48"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Product Id: EK-0004-OL-0003


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Nearly 40 years of being a passionate artist and of following his instincts, has been a winner combination- ask Biplab Biswas and you will know. One of the most sought-after artists, he has done over 30 group shows, and his paintings are priced in Lakhs. His subject is the divine Lord Krishna, and His portrayal – electric. Who was Krishna, you ask? Was he a mystic, was He Divine? Was a lover, a musician or was he just a cowherd? Let Biplab Biswas’s paintings give you an answer. His art is the portrayal of the divine and beauty, an amalgamation of rustic charm, of spiritual conquests and divine love, which when given color, break suddenly to the surface of the white canvas. Biplab it seems draws, as if in a trance as his figures are breathtakingly life-like, yet the strokes move out of the physical into the ether of the canvas like lightning bolts. Biplab Biswas hails from West Bengal, from a small village called Behratpur near Kolkata, and was born ten years after Indian Independence, in 1957. His education in art began in 1978 with him enrolling in the Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship, Rabindra Bharti University and concluding with his Teacher’s Training in Arts, Calcutta University, in 1981. Not only is he well versed in different styles of art, but he has been trained in woodcut, etching, and linocut – difficult forms to master, however showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Still pursuing his passion of art, his work grows from strength to strength each year. It is as if he began painting just yesterday – sharing with you his talent and love for Krishna.

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