“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot,
others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” - Pablo Picasso



  1. Bose-Krishnamachari-Untitled
    Bose Krishnamachari
    Size: 36" x 36"Price On Request
  2. Shubhra-Das-Royal-Serenity
    Royal Serenity
    Shubhra Das
    Size: 29" x 50"
  3. /import/Suraj-Kumar-Kashi--Happy-in-Mall-Painting.jpg
    Happy in Mall
    Suraj Kumar Kashi
    Size: 72" x 48"Price On Request
  4. Suraj-Kumar-Kashi-Dreamy-Night-in-Mall-Painting
    Dreamy Night in Mall
    Suraj Kumar Kashi
    Size: 48" x 54"Price On Request
  5. Shubra-Das-Painting-Abstract
    Form Within Formless Without
    Shubhra Das
    Size: 60" x 24"

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