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Each artwork we sell is registered on blockchain, which means the authenticity of the artwork can be traced by anyone.


Size: 21″ 15″ Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas Product Id: EK-0005-22-AC-0031

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Dinkar Jadhav was born in 1973, in Jadhavadi, Pune. He studied at Kala Vishwa Mahavidya-laya at Sangli and Abhinav Kala Vidyalaya in Pune. As an art student, Dinkar was inspired by J.M.W Turner and started experimenting with Impasto — a thickly textured paint that imparts a quality of ‘movement’ to the painting.

Greatly inspired by nature, Dinkar Jadhav finds his muse in horses. Though one can observe the horses as the protagonist in this painting, the artist’s colour combination, brushwork and various shapes make it look like an abstract art. His brush strokes are angular and sharp that create geo-metric shapes and add a dimension to the painting. Along with this, the artist also engages in impas-to technique, which means layering paint to make it stand out. Dinkar has been fascinated with the play of light on nature, which is why he has a good balance of dark and light tones on his canvas. He divides his canvas in various colour blocks giving his paintings a cubist illusion.

The artist has showcased his works in over 100 exhibitions and group shows in India and abroad. USA, Canada, Singapore, Germany are some of the countries where the artist has suc-cessfully conducted his shows and has been appreciated for his artwork. His artwork is well liked by individuals and companies alike, across the world. Dinkar also actively participates in charity auctions.

A hard worker since the very beginning, Dinkar has been awarded with numerous awards and accolades, including that of Prafulla Art Foundation Kalanand Contest in 2016, Art Society of India in 2009, V.V. Oak Award, Pune in 2009, Bombay Art Society in 2009, State Award for Portrait Painting in 1995, Best Landscape Annual Awards (1991-1994) and Annual Award for Sketching (1990-1991).


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We only house original works of art and no prints, so every piece is one of a kind thereby delivering to you the highest value for your investment.


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We offer great selection across styles, subjects, and mediums, to always bring to you enough options to find the painting that calls out to you.

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We provide complimentary private consultation to help you select a painting that will suit your style, your space, and your personality.

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Want something made to order? We work with artists across the country to commission art and installations to create exclusive work.

At Eikowa, we take pride in bringing the best of art and technology together.
As pioneers in ArtTech, Eikowa is bringing a pioneering solution for authenticity and provenance.

We are leveraging blockchain to ensure that every art bought from Eikowa can never be forged such that it remains truly unique, just like when you bought it. We do this by having a clear link between a digital certificate that cannot be copied and linking this to your physical art.

While we are the first gallery in India to launch this, and our solution is unique internationally, we think as the world begins to realize real-utility use cases of blockchain, our solution will become the golden standard for provenance and authenticity.

Shipping & Delivery
  • Within IndiaIf you reside within India, you can expect to receive the artwork within seven (7) to ten (10) business days from the day of order. Shipping rolled canvas within India is complementary. Packaging and shipping costs apply for artworks that cannot be rolled and need to be shipped stretched or in a wooden crate.
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    Most artworks on the site are painted on canvas or linen. The artworks will be rolled, bubble wrapped and placed inside a protective tube to ensure the artwork doesn’t get damaged during shipping.

  • Mixed Media/ Framed ArtworksMixed Media artwork, circular artworks or paintings on wooden or canvas boards or framed works will be bubble wrapped and placed in a sturdy wooden box to ensure the artwork reaches you safely. We assure you that utmost care will be taken while packing the artwork.


“Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.” - Jackson Pollock


We understand that choosing art is an art in itself, be it for your living space as home decor, your boardroom, for you collection, or for your investment portfolio.

It is always difficult to tell what kind of palette would go in with your walls and architecture, what would make that living room expansive, majestic, or cozy as you prefer it.



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I was fed up of looking for paintings in various places and that’s when my designer gave me Vaishnavi s number. It was tough for me to choose as she had such a lovely varied collection! I needed specific colours and sizes , but she agreed to deliver what

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