Amol Pawar

Amol Pawar

Amol Pawar, 34, is a first-class artist whose talent has been honed in Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya Pune, India- where he did his G.D in Applied Art. His work is steeped in the Indian mythology and his love for calligraphy, texture, nature, and animals, reflected in his work. If you see his series of paintings on ‘Sadhu’ you will be struck with his choice of colors – the reds and yellows of the sunset and the impassive yet spiritual aura of the subjects are not lost on the viewers.

Recently, he has also done a series on the Indian gods and goddesses – rendering a unique perspective which sets him apart from other artists. Amol’s way of drawing figures is to give long strokes instead of eyes. Surprisingly, this depiction makes Gods and Goddesses look dynamic and even alive. There is a stark difference between his earlier works and his recent work – where, in his previous work, there is a sense of Amol still exploring nature, the love between a man and a woman among other themes. In his later paintings, we see Amol maturing in his ‘Sadhu’ series and shining in ‘First Family,’ ‘Devi Vishwarupa,’ paintings of the ‘Shakti’ series.

He has done over 40 shows and has a name internationally as well. His work has been showcased in London, Warsaw, Singapore and New York. Amol’s style and work are unique which make a profound impact on the viewer. A rising star in the world of Art, he lives and works in Pune.

  1. Amol-Pawar-Shiva-2-Painting
    Shiva 2
    Amol Pawar
    Size: 36" x 36"
  2. Amol-Pawar-Love-Painting
    Amol Pawar
    Size: 72" x 48"
  3. Amol-pawar-painting-Devi
    Amol Pawar
    Size: 36" x 60"Sold
  4. Amol-Pawar-Shiva-Parvati-Painting
    Shiva Parvati
    Amol Pawar
    Size: 60" x 48"Sold
  5. Amol-Pawar-Shiva-Painting
    Amol Pawar
    Size: 60" x 48"
  6. Amol-Pawar-Saraswati-Painting
    Amol Pawar
    Size: 36" x 48"

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