Jamini Roy

Jamini Roy

  • Jamini Roy - Untitled
    By Jamini Roy

    Size: 14" x 20"

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    Serigraph on Paper

About Jamini Roy


Jamini Roy, a preeminent artist in the 20th Century Indian Artists sphere, revolutionized the scene with his unique visual styles and diverse forms. Born on April 11, 1887, in Beliatore, West Bengal, Roy was instrumental in shaping the Indian Modernist Art Movement. His early fascination with local patuas (folk artists) shaped his artistic inclinations. Despite financial hardships during his art school years and initial career in Kolkata, he gained recognition as an academic and portrait painter.

Roy's artistic journey was marked by continuous experimentation. He briefly adopted the Bengal School style, known for its misty washes and delicate figuration. However, his true breakthrough came when he started depicting the Santal community, receiving widespread acclaim. This success led him to reject oil mediums and portrait commissions, focusing instead on finding a pure form of expression. Influenced by folk arts, particularly Kalighat Painting Style, and East Asian calligraphy, Roy developed a style characterized by brilliant colors and a rejection of naturalism.

Jamini Roy's artwork is renowned for its bold use of colors, often limited to a primary palette, and its simplistic yet powerful forms. He frequently depicted rural life, religious themes, and scenes from Indian epics. His style, characterized by flat forms and bold outlines, brought a refreshing change to the Indian art scene.

He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1955 and honored by Lalit Kala Akademi for his contribution.

About Jamini Roy artistic journey


Jamini Roy's artistic journey is a testament to his commitment to Indian traditions and the influence of Traditional Indian Folk Art Influence. Early in his career, he was influenced by the Bengal School of Art but soon began experimenting with folk art. His evolution was marked by a conscious effort to move away from the Western academic style and embrace a more indigenous form.

Roy's first solo exhibition in 1929 marked the beginning of his widespread fame. His exploration of various mediums, including decorative arts and designing for Steuben Glass, showcased his versatility. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1955 and honored by Lalit Kala Akademi for his contribution.

In his later years, despite declining health, Roy continued to evolve, creating mosaic-like paintings with Byzantine icon influences. He passed away in 1972, leaving a legacy as a trailblazer who bridged folk and modern art, and in 1976, his work was declared a National treasure by the Indian government.


Exclusive Collections and Best Paintings of Jamini Roy


Jamini Roy's work includes a vast range of subjects, from religious figures to scenes of everyday life. Some of his most celebrated works include "Krishna and Balarama" and "Bride and Two Companions", which are considered Jamini Roy's Signature Artworks. These pieces showcase his mastery in blending traditional Indian aesthetics with a modernist approach.

Jamini Roy's paintings are not just visually stunning but also emotionally evocative. They connect with viewers deeply, often eliciting feelings of nostalgia and a sense of connection with the rural and mythological themes portrayed. His paintings possess a profound ability to evoke emotions and forge direct connections with the audience. As a revered artist and one of the 'National Treasures' of India, his works transcend generations, resonating with clients who appreciate his unique fusion of Innovative Indian Art Techniques and modern narratives. Devashish, a student and neighbor of Jamini Roy, recalls the artist's influence on his childhood, emphasizing how “Master Moshai” instilled a deeper understanding of art's philosophy. This emotional connection extends beyond canvases, encapsulating a timeless blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary relevance.


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