Nishant Dange

Nishant Dange

Born in Nagpur, Nishant Dange graduated in Fine Arts from Government Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur in 2004. Through all the years of his bachelor’s degree, he received top honours as a first class student and also received a Gold medal from his college. Though he majored in applied arts, Nishant was always fascinated by painting.

At the start of his career, Nishant started painting watercolour landscapes, and worked as a freelance illustrator for India Book House (IBH), Grey Worldwide, Balvidhya Publications, etc. Gradually, he learnt, explored and mastered charcoal as his medium and found his muse in the enigmatic beauty of women.

Nishant’s paintings are an epitome of minimalism, created with monochromatic tones of primary colours. Though simple, the combination of vibrant colours and dark charcoal make these portraits bold and dramatic. They carry aesthetics of old school photography. His finite pallet does not curb his infinite imagination and his impressive artistic talent. His subjects, the mysterious women are often accompanied by gorgeous motifs of butterflies and flowers, in contrasting colours, adding a hint of delight to the phenomenal artworks. A touch of these butterflies, impart a delicate smile on the subject’s face and enhance their beauty, similar to how the wing flapping butterflies amplify the fragrance of a freshly blossomed flower. Viewers often think, that his paintings are primal, spiritual and mystical. The combination of butterflies and flowers with human figures make these paintings primal. The close eyed subjects look deep in prayers thoughts, and meditation, making them look spiritual and mystical because the observer is denied the instant gratification arising from the comprehension of women’s mood had her eyes been open.

Since the start of his career, Nishant has showcased his works in numerous galleries and has participated in many national and international group and solo shows. In 2007, Nishant was honoured with the Bombay Art Society Award.

  1. Nishant-Dange-Painting-48x72
    Untitled 583
    Nishant Dange
    Size: 48” x 72”
  2. Nishant-Dange-Painting-48x60
    Untitled 661
    Nishant Dange
    Size: 48” x 60”
  3. Nishant-Dange-Painting-30x30
    Untitled 646
    Nishant Dange
    Size: 30” x 30”
  4. Nishant-Dange-Painting-3x3
    Untitled 657
    Nishant Dange
    Size: 36” x 36”
  5. Nishant-Dange-Paintings-30x47
    Untitled 667
    Nishant Dange
    Size: 30" x 47"
  6. Nishant-Dange-Painting
    Untitled 643
    Nishant Dange
    Size: 25" x 50"

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