Sachin Sagare

Sachin Sagare

Born in Pandharpur, Sachin Sagare finds himself at ease and at peace when he paints the women ‘he grew up with. His women typically help their menfolk by plucking cotton or planting paddy. They bring lunch for the men and go back and cook some more. Then they tend to their children of ages. And then take care of their elders. At the end of the day, they are expected to look their best and be seen at the market place, the village fair or the nearby place of worship. Their faces radiate all through, with their smile and grace.

Sagare’s paintings are of Indian women in bright saris and colorful blouses that depict the raw colors of the earth and natural beauty. He moves away from the subtle to the well-defined and sharp featured, draped in reds, golden yellows, oranges, and dark blues. His creations are on regular exhibit, particularly in the galleries of Mumbai and Pune.

  1. The-Girl-with-the-Morning-Daisy-2-Sachin-Sagare
    The Girl with the Morning Daisy 2
    Sachin Sagare
    Size: 60" x 60"

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