Apr 15, 2024 Prajwala Ghate

Visualise Art In Your Home, Before You Buy It

Visualise Art In Your Home, Before You Buy It


With the booming art sector and technology slowly taking more and more space in our lives, we at Eikowa decided to take the art-buying experience to the next level. While browsing art and checking out the latest collections by your favourite artists is as easy as ordering groceries online, the experience of shopping the two is completely different.

We observed that buyers, who readily splurge on fashion and technology, often shy away from buying art, mostly because they find art galleries intimidating. Choosing the right painting for their homes from a plethora of artists available can be a daunting experience. Online art galleries such as Eikowa are the perfect option in such scenarios. Art lovers can choose from the variety of art forms by various senior and mid-career artists. You can browse through the website to find the artists and the paintings that fit perfectly with your taste. However, “How will the artwork look in my lounge? Against the walls of my living room? Will it overwhelm the rest of my décor?” are some of the common questions that make them anxious. For collectors, being able to experience and visualise the artwork in their own space is very crucial. Even the seasoned collectors who view an art piece offline would prefer to see how it would look in their homes, before actually buying it. After all, there is no guarantee that a painting that looks fabulous in the gallery would look as stunning in their homes.


To resolve these doubts and to enrich the user experience even more, Eikowa has recently introduced the “visualise” feature on the website. This technology is first in India and perhaps in the world too. Using this tool, art enthusiasts can see how the painting of their choice will look in their homes. Visualising painting in their own homes, will make art collectors more comfortable and will give them more confidence to choose a painting that fits right with their taste and space. Thus, making it easier for art lovers to choose between the various “equally liked” paintings. The fact that technology now enables us to make informed buying decisions is an absolutely game-changing development for art collectors and enthusiasts!


(Eikowa’s exclusive “visualise art in your home” feature creates a far more open environment for art lovers to appreciate and buy art. Often, people buy paintings thinking they would look and feel good in a room, but at times they are too big, too small or their vibes and pallets don’t match with the room as they envisioned. Eikowa’s visualise feature, will help them overcome this hurdle and enable them find the painting that suites best with the context of their space.)


Here are some of the best features that our software offers, to ensure that you buy the right painting for your home, from the comforts of your home.



One of the biggest challenge people face when buying art, physically or on the internet, is whether the art piece will fit right on the wall. Even when they know the size of the painting and their wall, it is hard to imagine how the painting will look on their walls. They worry if it will be too big or too small for the designated wall, the furniture and other decor. Ability to visualise the real-size render of the painting in their homes allows them to better select art that matches the context of the home, which is often the primary consideration for art buyers.  You can simply put the size of your wall (which is usually 10’ or 12’) in our software and it will calculate and coordinate the size of the painting with that of the wall and show you the final results. You can choose the painting that has just the right size to complement the rest of the décor.


Vibe and Feel



Another great dilemma that people face while buying art is how the painting will interact with the vibe of their room. Would it complement with the other decor and lighting of the designated room? Earlier, they would send us a photograph of their walls and ask if the art they wished to buy would look good on the said wall. Or they would often stand in front of their wall, with an image of the painting they like, wondering whether it goes with the feel of the room. Eikowa’s visualise feature will help people understand how the painting interacts and elevates their existing room decor. It helps art lovers to visually see whether the painting they see matches the colours of their furniture and walls. Sometimes, a little tweak in the room decor can boost the room’s mood, and other times, choosing a different art by the same artist can make an absolutely different impact on the room. A monochromatic painting would add some subtlety to a bright room and a little colour can add a lot of positive vibes to it.



Wooden, metallic, or acrylic? Black, white, silver or gold? Whether you are new to the world of art, or are a seasoned art collector, framing a painting can be an overwhelming decision to make. In a world where there is a plethora of options, finding the right frame for your painting could be a big decision. To ensure that buying art and choosing the right frame for it, is more fun and should not seem like a chore, we also added the feature, where art lovers can choose from a variety of frames. You can try various colours and designs with your paintings to see which goes well with your chosen art and your place. Thus, enabling them to select the right size and style of frame and helping them get the complete context of the artwork.


Placement of the Painting

Letting you adjust the positioning of the painting, is yet another unique feature our visualise software offers. Typically, it would align the painting you choose to the centre of the image of your house, you uploaded. However, you can adjust the positioning of the painting and align it with your furniture, door, windows and other decor. This also helps the art lovers explore various places they can display their paintings. Many times people think of a certain spot to be perfect for the artwork of their choice, however, visualising it at different spots gives them a better idea of how it would change the mood and setting of the room.


Technology Needed

The visualisation tool is seamlessly integrated with our website and is very convenient to use across all the devices from laptops to smartphones. It was a conscious decision to build this technology such that it integrates with the website so that users are not required to install any special apps. The integration of this unique visualisation feature with the website makes it simple to use. This also ensures that the users can complete the entire process—browsing and shortlisting the paintings they like, viewing them in their homes and finally adding the selected artwork to their cart and buying it—solely on the website. This makes the entire process absolutely convenient and seamless.


Enabling in Making the Logical and Emotional Decision

We understand that buying art is a logical and an emotional decision. While selecting a painting is an emotional and easier decision, the logical decision of how the artwork would look in a particular space is the tougher one. The subject, the colours, the strokes and the name of the artist often influence the emotional and thus easier decisions in choosing a painting. However, art lovers find it difficult to understand how the painting will look in their space. Would it complement the rest of the room or overwhelm it. Visualisation tool will help them see how the painting of their choice will exactly look in their home, thus facilitating them to make an informed choice and easing the logical decision.

At Eikowa, we have always been passionate about merging the latest technology with art, to enhance the overall user experience. Innovation in art buying experience has been the core thought behind Eikowa and we continue striving hard to achieve it.

To try this feature, please select the painting you like at www.eikowa.com, and click on 'View in my home' option from the page. You can also see an easy recokener on using the feature.