Bahadur Singh

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Bahadur Singh is an abstract landscape artist, who received his B.F.A from College of Arts, Delhi, in 2001. His paintings are semi-abstract landscapes, made using a combination of bright colours. Much like nature itself, Bahadur’s paintings are very scenic and colourful.

Bahadur draws his inspiration from the surrounding world and the world within. He is known to portray what he sees. Well-known for recreating different seasons on his canvas, Bahadur’s paintings would mostly remind one of a thick forest, with dense shadows and swishing branches. Though the onlookers can clearly picture the tree trunks and branches in these paintings, the actual leaves and flowers never fine.

d a real structure. His thick, sharp, knife like brush strokes, create formless foliage on the well defined branches and trucks. These leaves and flowers grow taller than the tree trunk and spread across the paths to meet each other as if two friends are hugging each other after a long time.

His color palette changes with the changing seasons. What starts as a vibrant and colorful canvas to illustrate Spring season blooms in the forest, turn into a blue-green canvas for the monsoon. Autumn has a vivid and fiery combination of yellow, red, and orange which finally changes to serene and cool blue and white in winter. His flat, brush strokes and oil colors, give an amazing texture to his paintings. Bahadur’s paintings reflect various emotions of nature and of human beings on his canvas. Along with colors, they bring a sense of joy and calm to the onlooker’s eyes.

Among many other places, Bahadur’s paintings are a part of numerous private collections in countries such as UK, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and USA. His paintings are displayed at the Indian Prime Minister’s House at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg, and the Education Department, New