Bose Krishnamachari

Bose Krishnamachari

  • Untitled
    By Bose Krishnamachari

    Size: 36" x 36"


    Acrylic on Canvas


Bose Krishnamachari received his BFA from the prestigious Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai in 1991, and MFA from Goldsmiths College, University of London in(2000).

Bose balances his focus on the form and the concept and/or contextual concerns equally. Leaning towards the bold, bright and vivacious colours, he blends the western image-making meth-ods with the art of language. The colours in Indian ceremonies and rituals have deeply impacted the artist and his work. He finds inspirations in the gestures of the attendants, their costumes, their ex-pressions etc. Bose finds minimalism affective and in his recent series “stretched bodies”, he has moved from drawing complex human figures to painting abstract and minimalist artworks.

He has received the Kerala Lalita Kala Akademi award in 1985, British Council Travel Award (1999-2000), Life Time Fellowship Award by Kerala Lalita Kala Akademi and was the first runner up for the Bose Pacia Price from Modern Art, in New York 2001.