• Curation

    We emphasizes on curation. All paintings showcased are by seasoned artists, to present only those works that merit your attention.

  • Original art

    We only house original works of art and no prints, so every piece is one of a kind thereby delivering to you the highest value for your investment.

  • Authenticity

    We source paintings directly from the artists and every painting comes along with a Certificate of Authenticity, to safeguard your investment.

  • Wide collection across styles

    We offer great selection across styles, subjects, and mediums, to always bring to you enough options to find the painting that calls out to you.

  • No advisory fee

    We provide complimentary private consultation to help you select a painting that will suit your style, your space, and your personality.

  • Commissioned art

    Want something made to order? We work with artists across the country to commission art and installations to create exclusive work.