Oinam dilip

Oinam dilip

Oinam Dilip grew up in Bishenpur, a small town near Manipur and earned his BFA at Indira Sangeet Viswa Vidyalaya and then graduated from Delhi College of Art. In early years, Oinam experimented with abstract and realist forms of art, which were inspired by the metro cities of South Asia. However, gradually the artist felt the need to freely experiment with the culture and vibrancy of North East India, a place where he belonged. He wanted to portray his homeland on the canvas, they way he sees it. His work is inspired by archetypal images, the nature and surroundings and the tangible cultural objects.

The artist found his muse in North East Indians, which inspired him to capture their beauty and simplicity on canvas. His portraits depict the integral understanding of social ethos and conditions of Manipur. His subjects cover most of his canvas forming a gorgeous, multi-layered splash of colours, lines and most importantly human feelings. His paintings have a balance of realism and abstract, with his subjects inclining more towards realism, set in a beautiful vibrant backdrop.

The artist is currently based in New Delhi, he has won many competitions and has displayed his art in many group and solo exhibitions.


2018 :ARTINC “Rising Star” Award,New Delhi

2018 : Manipur State Award, Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation

2006 : International Committee of Red Cross Society, Geneva.

2003. : Chittaranjan Park Bangiya Samaj (Regd.).

2002 : National Youth Festival, Hisar.

2001-2000. : Merit Certificate (College of Art).

2000 : Nehru Yuva Kendra,Bhopal.

2000 : Department Of Agriculture (Manipur).

1998 : Social Welfare Department.Manipur.

1999 : Department Of Agriculture (Manipur).


  1. Frida-Khalo-Oinam-Dilip
    Frida Khalo
    Oinam Dilip
    Size: 42" x 42"Sold
  2. Selfie in Spring
    Selfie in Spring
    Oinam Dilip
    Size: 72" x 42"Price On Request
  3. Dilip-Oinam-Sacred-Fragant-Painting
    Sacred Fragant
    Oinam Dilip
    Size: 96" x 48"Sold
  4. Oinam-Dilip-Painting.jpeg
    Marilyn Monroe
    Oinam Dilip
    Size: 42" DiaPrice On Request
  5. Frida-khalo-oinam-dilip
    Frida Khalo 2
    Oinam Dilip
    Size: 48" x 48"Sold
  6. The-pink-attitude-Oinam-Dilip
    Oinam Dilip
    Size: 36" x 36"Sold
  7. Epoch-Oinam-Dilip-Painting
    The Beatles
    Oinam Dilip
    Size: 48" x 60"Sold
  8. Girl-with-pearl-earring-Oinam-Dilip
    Girl With Pearl Earrings
    Oinam Dilip
    Size: 72" x 36"Sold
  9. Oinam-Dilip-Reminiscence-Painting
    Pablo Picasso
    Oinam Dilip
    Size: 42" x 42"Sold

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