Vinita Karim

Vinita Karim

Born on 4th September 1962, in Rangoon, Vinita Karim is a Swedish-Indian artist who has lived and worked throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. She graduated from the University of Stockholm, Sweden pursued her Diploma in Fine Arts from Gerlesborg Art Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. She soon learned that art was her true calling and earned her Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Philippines, with her thesis on the engaging topic of Multicultural negotiations outside boundaries.

Vinita’s travels establish a strong base for her artwork. Though abstract, her gilt-leafed canvases would take to you the cities she has lived and envisioned in her mind, in histories and geographies that she loves, mostly with human settlements but without any actual human being figure insight. These opulent cities reflect the deep-rooted culture of the various cities that have inspired her. She has been weaving different cultures and cities in her artwork, piece by piece, line by line, however, her travels and experiences consistently keep bringing her art back to India. Vinita’s painting would remind one of the once glorious empires, that may have been shaken a little, are maybe ruins today, or perhaps still standing strong, no matter their condition, these cityscapes often tell about their rich history and magnificent pasts. Waterbodies such as lakes, rivers, and ponds have played a very crucial role in her paintings. Their minimalist expansiveness, adds the contrasting cool tones of blue, that resonate with the tranquility of the waterbodies. She considers boats as a metaphor for life, agents who carry people from one place to another, despite the turbulence or calm.

Over the years, Vinita Karim has showcased her work in over 23 solo exhibitions, and her artwork is displayed and collected across the globe. She recently exhibited her paintings in India Art Fair, India, Sikka Art Fair, Dubai, Dhaka Art Summit, Bangladesh and Toran Project by Waddington Auctions, Canada.

  1. vinita-karim-Radiance-canvas.jpg
    Vinita Karim
    Size: 24" x 24"Sold
  2. The-Radiant-Sky-Vinita-Karim
    The Radiant Sky
    Vinita Karim
    Size: 48" x 36"Sold
  3. Vinita-Karim-Towards-Divinity-Painting
    Towards Divinity
    Vinita Karim
    Size: 38" x 38"Price On Request
  4. A-City-in-bloom-40x59-Acrylic-embroidery-gold-and-copper-leaf-on-canvas
    A City in Bloom
    Vinita Karim
    Size: 59" x 40"Sold
  5. Vinita-karim-the-colourful-cities-painting
    The Colourful Cities
    Vinita Karim
    Size: 24" x 24"Sold
  6. Vinita-Karim-Destination-Painting
    Vinita Karim
    Size: 36" x 18"Price On Request
  7. Mystery-of-the-Red-city,2018,s-Oil,gold-and-copper-leaf-on-canvas-vinita-karim-painting
    Mystery of the Red City
    Vinita Karim
    Size: 30" x 30"Sold
  8. Vinita-Karim-Painting
    July Afternoon
    Vinita Karim

    Size: 16" x 16"Price On Request

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